stroke recovery

Stroke Treatment and Life after Rehabilitation


Updated on 28 Sep, 2018

Just Experienced Stroke?

If you just experienced a stroke, you are most likely scared and confused. Some of the questions you have may include: “Why did I have a stroke?”; “What kind of stroke treatment is available?”; and “What kind of rehabilitation do I need?”.

Your experiences will vary depending on where in your brain the stroke occurred and the type of stroke. Learn more about stroke, risks, types of treatment and rehabilitation, and recovery for your specific post-stroke challenges.

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Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones of each child are unique and develops at her/his own pace. Many parents worry a lot about their child and the time when the child should be achieving these milestones. Parents can educate themselves about the milestones and the opportunities for treatment and intervention in case of any disorder. Whether a child has a developmental delay or disorder, early identification and intervention are essential for achieving the best possible outcome.

The most common disorders are mental retardation, cerebral palsy, followed by autism spectrum disorders.Read More

And not just because I said so…

Turn and look back in time. Think about the many different houses/homes that you have visited.

Homes are homes – either chaotic, disorganised, cluttered and messy or those that are systematic, organised and tidy! Do you think it ever mattered what kind of home, a child is growing up in? You would surely agree that children who grow up in different environments develop differently. And the way their homes are organised is likely to have a substantial impact on them.

Staying organised – the beginnings are made, right with the child’s play itself. With so many books written on early childhood development and parenting, it is high time that the importance of organized play got established, right from an early age.Read More

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