Congratulations! By choosing to exercise during pregnancy with F.A.B. Moms, a specially designed Pregnancy Fitness Program, you have ensured a fitter, healthier and happier pregnancy. With regular exercise now - you will find it easy to get back to shape after child-birth.

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What do F.A.B. Moms say?

“My doctor referred me to ReLiva for Prenatal sessions. The sessions have been very helpful as I know how to keep myself active & fit. I would recommend others too to visit ReLiva for FAB Moms program." - Richa Jha 

"I joined ReLiva during my 6th month of pregnancy. My Physiotherapist helped me with lower back pain exercise which generally pregnant women face. Stretching exercises were also very beneficial. I never got cramps in my leg at night thereafter. They also teach good labour preparation techniques. I would recommend FAB Moms to all pregnant women." - Misba Modak

With F.A.B. Moms you will get access to:

Exclusive Program

  • - Prenatal exercise that are safe and suitable for your pregnancy stage
  • - Program designed by Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator
  • - Under the supervision of trained Physiotherapist

Fit Antenatal Body advantage

  • - Get rid of pregnancy related aches & pains
  • - Prepare for childbirth by strengthening your muscles and building endurance.
  • - Prepare your body to get back in shape, once the baby is born.


  • - Join Group Therapy or Personalised one-on-one sessions
  • - At a ReLiva clinic near you or a home visit

ReLiva Advantage:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality care
  • Nationally accredited & Internationally certified Physiotherapists
  • Highly qualified and experienced Professionals
  • Convenient to book appointment online or on phone
  • Vast network of clinics and Home visit team
  • No Waiting. Save time
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