If you or a loved one are in pain and looking for Physiotherapy at home, ReLiva provides home physiotherapist for your treatment in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Why Call for Physiotherapy at Home?

  • Post-surgical patients like hip or knee replacement
  • Those with fall and balance problems
  • Those with stroke, Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease
  • Elderly people who would like to have a family member around
  • Pregnant / Expecting moms who cannot step out regularly, without a family member (see FabMoms)

Live Your Life Again

In case of joint replacements, physiotherapist can begin to assist you as soon as you have decided to have a surgery. We plan your rehab and start physiotherapy as soon as you reach home from the hospital. Our focus is to reduce pain and odoema as much as possible, along with retraining the muscles to gain strength and speeding up your recovery. Our Physiotherapist will bring specialized equipment to facilitate your recovery. They will design exercise programs around what you have at home.

Many of the problems and challenges of ageing are better managed in your own home environment, where we can see the problems on the spot. We can also involve care-givers and family members to give them a better understanding of how they can help.

Our Physiotherapists will follow the 4 Step Standardised ReLiva Process to help you recover faster and you can Live your Life again!

Please mail us at contact@reliva.in  or call at   992099 1584  to find out if ReLiva offers home visits in your area. Do not hesitate to mention in case there are female patients wishing to receive treatment from female Physiotherapists only.

I approached ReLiva after 4 weeks of plaster for broken shoulder bone. I was in immense pain if I moved my hand slightly and couldn’t even hold it upside for a second. ReLiva doctor attended me and due to her expertise and excellent knowledge I started moving my hand in just 3-4 sessions and at the end of 10th session I have 100% painless mobility and can hold the weight also. Thanks to ReLiva to provide a knowledgeable doctor to tackle the pain and treat it so fantastically.

M. Thakkar

My mother had a lot of aches & pains starting from neck pain, back pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, leg pain – across all joints. The attending doctor has been continually attending to these pains and modifying various exercises to suit my mother’s condition. She has explained to us the effects of these exercises on the patient, made us understand the need of these exercises.

Prince N Karunakaran

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