People surviving conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurone disease, Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, GuillainBarre Syndrome, Parkinsons disease etc have disorders of the nervous system. They need to relearn skills, they lose because of the damage to their brains, spinal cord or nerves.

Neuro Physiotherapy Rehab

In such cases, ReLiva will focus on regaining strength, re-establishing the movements and making the patient as independent as possible.

Our experts will use 4 step standardized ReLiva Process to assess the specific conditions of the patient and chart out a treatment plan using a combination of:

  • Education and promotion of self-management
  • Hands-on neurological Physiotherapy, example -soft tissue stretches, joint mobilizations etc.
  • Balance work
  • Exercise therapy
  • Sensory retraining
  • Pain management
  • Practising activities of daily life
  • Teaching the care-givers, techniques on moving or positioning

I was suffering from facial palsy. During the time I was not able to move my jaw and my eyelid were not closing. I had so many difficulties to speak and to eat food.
But when I had been with ReLiva Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre at Nerul. They had change my life and taken me to my normal position. I really thanks to both the doctors who had helped me to get in normal condition. Both of them are so caring. With the regular exercise and the treatment, I am becoming more and more fit. ReLiva Physiotherapy and Rehab centre is really good and caring.

Ramesh Chinchgharkar

Patient right side paralysed,bedridden, no speech. Dr. Shrutika started treatment on 5/7/15. Present condition :Life has come back to right leg when patient  was made to stand with support. She moves left leg two/three  steps and puts body weight on right leg. Life is returning to right hand but very slowly. Patient utters one-two words occasionally.

Sulochana Shukla

ReLiva Knowledge: Know More About The Neuro Conditions

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