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Comprehensive Physiotherapy Treatment at Home

By using ReLivaTM HomeCare, you are ensuring Best-in-Class Physiotherapy care comes to you from leading chain of Comprehensive Physiotherapy Clinics.

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ReLivaTM Advantage

  • Best-in-Class Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Save Time
  • Convenience
  • No need to step out
  • Pool of Highly experienced and qualified Experts
  • Certified by various National and International Accreditation bodies
  • Excellent clinical facilities available as & when required

Patient Testimonials

Pain Fully Gone

I had pain in my leg for last 2 years. I couldn't even sleep at night. As soon as I started Physiotherapy with ReLiva. I got relief and could sleep at night. After doing the suggested sessions, the pain in my leg is fully gone. I am really thankful to Reliva doctors.

R Arumugam, Leg Pain

A week with Reliva helped more than 2 months of Allopathy

After meeting with a bike accident, I had persistent back & tail bone pain! 2 months of Allopathy did not succeed. Reliva doctors helped me understand the root cause of my pain and taught me exercises to help my back. Thanks to Reliva, I could get back to my normal life, especially with the personal touch they provide.

Anil Dsouza, Accident induced Back Pain

Landmark in Physiotherapy

I pray to the Almighty that Reliva should maintain the same service and standard forever so that it becomes a landmark in physiotherapy treatment.

Ramdas Shiva, Frozen Shoulder
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