Multidisciplinary Team for Stroke

Multidisciplinary Team and Stroke Rehab

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ReLiva's In-Patient Stroke & Paralysis Rehab center at Sapphire Hospital, Kalwa in Thane caters to patients from across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Rehab after stroke or paralysis should be done wisely for maximum benefit, and at an inpatient stroke & paralysis rehabilitation facility if possible. IPD Rehab is known to offer better care and have better outcomes for stroke patients. To give a complete and holistic care to stroke survivor, ReLiva have come up with a multidisciplinary In-Patient Stroke & Paralysis Rehab center at Sapphire Hospital, Kalwa in Thane, Mumbai.

The multidisciplinary team includes:

इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें

a.   Nurse
b.   Physician
c.   Physiotherapist
d.   Occupational Therapist
e.   Speech Therapist
f.    Dietician
g.   Psychologist

The team plays a vital role in rehab process. Researchers have also provided evidences regarding the same and stated that for early recovery and regaining capabilities, one needs to undergo an intense rehab at an In-Patient Rehab facility.

The Roles they play are:

a.   Nurse: A Nurse possesses specialized clinical skills required to take care of stroke patient, documents patient BP, Temperature and Sugar level at regular interval. She helps in delivering medication on-time and keeps track on any modification needs to take care of.

b.   Physician: He keeps track on patient’s medical complications and alters patient’s medication as per requirements. Any changes that take place in patient care plan needs to be approved by the physician before any implementation.

c.   Physiotherapist: They work towards the common goal planned by the patient and the therapist. Aim of the therapist is to optimize patient function and well-being, Helps to integrate patient back to their chosen lifestyle. He works to regain patient’s motor function and ability to walk around.

d.  Occupational Therapist: Therapist helps in retraining self-care skills and adapting tasks or environment including the appropriate use of adaptive equipment to maximize the ability to perform activities of daily living. Training patient in their ADL’s and help in improving abilities for dressing, grooming, toileting, and eating.

e.  Speech Therapist: He helps patient to improve their speech and language. Also help regaining writing ability. Improve swallowing abilities and walk the patient towards independent eating.

f.   Dietician: Post Stroke patient needs to modify their lifestyle and diet in order to prevent second stroke. So our dietician recommends diet which depends upon patient requirement. Post stroke patient should include low fat and low protein diet.

g.  Psychologist: Post-Stroke most patient goes through turmoil’s of emotional phases. To adapt to new phase patient do require a session with a psychologist in order to encourage them and help them see positive aspect of life.

The aftermath of certain neurological disorders like stroke leave the patients disabled in ways that are distressing and seemingly of a dooming nature. Our well facilitated in-patient Rehab center thereby presents as a blessing to the afflicted. The quality of life following a stroke incident does not have to be unmanageable anymore. ReLiva's IPD Rehab focuses on making the patient independent enough to be managed well at home.

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