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Neuro Rehabilitation: How it helps in recovery of patient

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Treatment and Recovery after Stroke

Neurological conditions affect all ages and people. We come across many such people and think that they will hardly be able to restore their normal functions anymore.

Neurological conditions would include:

These may affect mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, thinking, coordination. Further they can cause dizziness, unsteadiness, muscle  weakness and paralysis in some cases.

These problems often interfere with the patient’s daily activities, such as self-care, work, school and even getting around the house and neighbourhood. This decrease in physical function can cause additional problems, including fatigue, deconditioning, falls and reduced heart and lung function capacity. All of these inevitably lead to social isolation and therefore a poor quality of life.Stroke Recovery Process

Physiotherapy based neurological rehabilitation at this juncture comes to the rescue- for both the caregiver as well as the patient. Neuro Rehab is an active participatory process involving a dynamic interaction between the person with neurological deficits and the health professional members of the team.

To begin with, your physiotherapist will assess your specific limitations and work with you to develop treatment goals and a plan to achieve them. Targeted therapeutic exercises can improve your balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, mood and cardiovascular function. Improving your function can reduce pain and other physical limitations, allowing you to manage daily tasks better and participate in activities that matter to you.

Physiotherapy may include treatment techniques which relax muscles when tight and stimulate muscles when weak. The physiotherapist through his/her handling of specific bodily parts influences the muscles and guides the patient to perform a particular movement. In this time the patient may learn to execute movements with better control and less assistance.The ultimate aim of rehabilitation is for the patient to experience near normal life as early as possible. The rehabilitation does not stop at discharge from the hospital but also continues after the patient has returned to his/her home.

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