Our Team

Dr. Anuradha Purohit-Mandlekar (PT)

MPT (Cardio-Thoracic) AHA accredited Healthcare Provider

She has extensive knowledge and experience in Cardio Thoracic rehabilitation. She is also a Certified Child Birth Educator (USA). She is an expert with Stott Pilates and Kinesiotaping. She is also certified in Mulligan's concept, McKenzie technique and Manual Therapy.

Dr. Swapnaja Joshi (PT)

MPT (Musculo-skeletal)

She has a vast knowledge and experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders (pediatrics, adults and geriatrics) in India as well as abroad. She has special interest in knee related disorders.

Dr. Suveda S. Kothari (PT)

MPT (Cardiovascular & Respiratory), BLS (American Health Association)

With a multi-disciplinary approach, she has ample experience in treating Cardiac, Musculoskeletal and Sports related injuries. She is well trained in Taping, Spine & joint mobilization and certified for life-support by ISECON (AHA based)

Dr. Vijayendra Rajguru (PT)

MPT (Cardiovascular & Respiratory)

A senior professional with huge experience, he also heads Cardiac Rehabilitation Department & Intensive Cardiac Care Units at reputed hospitals. He has a keen academic interest and teaches BPTh students.

Dr. Ashwini U. Sahasrabudhe (PT)

BPTh, T/NDT (Paediatric / Neurological disorders)

NDTA trained therapist, she has extensive experience in Pediatric / Neuro physiotherapy. She has been treating patients with neurological, musculoskeletal and pediatric disorders and has a strong all-rounded experience in nurturing patients to recovery.

Dr. Jasmita K Chaudhery (PT)

MPT (Musculo-skeletal), CMP

She is an extremely dynamic and competent therapist. She specialises in post operative Rehabilitation, especially joint replacements. She is also a Certified Mulligan Practitioner who has been successfully treating her patients with manual therapy. Dr. Jasmita practices at our Chembur Clinic within Apollo Spectra Hospital, Deonar.

Dr. Daisily Mathews (PT)


She has experience in cardio-pulmonary patients as well as those building up muscular fitness. She has worked for rehab in orthopedic and pulmonary conditions too. She is particularly loved by elderly for her skills with geriatric issues.

Dr. Shrutika Parab (PT)


She is experienced with women’s health, geriatrics and neurological disorders. She is also certified in kinesiotaping and dry needling, alongwith knowledge of Manual Therapy. She is loved equally by young and elderly for her passionate approach to recovery.

Dr. Mohinee Panmand (PT)


She has worked extensively with patients with musculo-skeletal disorders as well as neurological issues. She has experience of dealing with a wide variety of Physiotherapy rehabs independently.

Dr. Nancy Mohanty (PT)


She has worked in Musculo-skeletal Recoveries, Neuro Recoveries and other acute care patients. She has interest in treating Orthopedic and Neurological conditions.

Dr. Supriya Nivendkar (PT)


She has worked for acute care recoveries including care for Cardiac, Neuro & post-operative patients. She has a well-rounded approach to support patients with joint replacements, fractures as well as muskulo-skeletal issues.

Dr. Aishwarya Bajaj (PT)

BPTh, Licensed CPR (American Health Association)

She is certified in Neuro-dynamic Solutions (NDS). She has experience in prescribing & monitoring exercises and other physiotherapy modalities. She uses her skills in NeuroDynamic & Cardiac rehab in helping the patients in achieving their functional goals.

Dr. Supriya Daund (PT)


She has experience in dealing with patients with muskuloskeletal, cardiorespiratory & neurological disorders. She has special interest in sports injures. She is a certified Mulligan practitioner & certified in kinesiotaping.

Dr. Erum Shaikh (PT)


She is known to be very sensitive and effective in maximizing the rehabilitation of patients. She understands the complex issues impacting recovery for neuro-muscular as well as pediatric cases.

Dr. Jagruti Mahadik (PT)


She works across all type of Physiotherapy requirements. Her experience pans across Orthopedic, Pediatric, Neurological as well as Sports medicine. She has special interest in Post operative Rehab Care.

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