zumba injury prevention

Zumba: Tips to prevent injuries

How to keep away from Zumba injuries

Last month we had three patients coming to our clinics, who had suffered injuries while doing Zumba.  Interestingly, all had the same issue - pain in their knees.Interestingly, all had the same issue - pain in their knees.

Zumba is the closest you could get to having fun and having a cardio workout at the same time. And surely, it's popular! But like any other sport, there is a risk of getting aches and pains. How do you fix it?  If you have no pre-existing conditions that have caused trouble in your knees earlier, you could easily prevent  injuries during Zumba.

Tips to avoid Zumba injuries:

  • Check your shoes – are they comfortable and not too tight?


  • Do not use your running shoes for Zumba. Instead, go for shoes meant for cross-training or dancing ie. those with a flat base.


  • Choose an appropriate level. Not all Zumba classes are equal. Some are designed for first-timers and beginners, while some are targeted at regulars.


  • Minimise or best to avoid pivoting movements during Zumba. Make sure you are always keeping your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes.
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