ReLiva’s physiotherapy clinic in Sector 8, Kharghar

ReLiva Kharghar offers comprehensive physiotherapy treatment. ReLiva’s physiotherapy clinic in Sector 8, Kharghar located at Goodwill Gardens is currently closed for maintenance.

However ReLiva physiotherapists in Kharghar continue to provide highly effective physiotherapy treatment at home for:

  • Orthopedic cases like back & neck pain, sciatica, spondylosis, frozen shoulder and knee arthritis;
  • Neurological management of stroke, paralysis and parkinson’s disease; and
  • Post operative conditions and  after-surgery physiotherapy for joint replacements, fracture, ACL rehab and shoulder procedures.

Home visits for physiotherapy treatment is also provided in Kharghar, Belapur and Kalamboli areas by our qualified physiotherapists. Know more about our Home Care Physiotherapy.

Following are the key details for our physiotherapy clinic and the physiotherapists in Sector 8, Kharghar: 

Location Physiotherapists

Dr. Pooja Rajasekar (PT)


With a multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Pooja works across all type of Physiotherapy requirements. Her experience pans across Orthopedic, Pediatric, Neurological recoveries as well as Prenatal exercises. She is a qualified practitioner of MET (Muscle energy Technique) and Myofacial release.

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Severe back pain and intolerable knee pain had made my life hell. The pain even began affecting me emotionally. I tried every doctor that my friends suggested, but it only increased the pain. Looking at my state, my family doctor suggested that physiotherapy might prove helpful. Having tried everything else, I decided to give it a try. As I was entering ReLiva Physiotherapy Clinic, I thought even this might go in vain. But when I talked to Dr Erum Shaikh, she assured me that I would be relieved of my pain. Sure enough, I was cured and ready to rumble again. I highly recommend Dr Erum Shaikh of ReLiva Physiotherapy Clinic as the solution to your pain.

Varshini Rao

I was diagnosed with extreme knee pain. Climbing stairs, walking a long distance and even a simple task of sitting and getting up felt like a burden. I could not find any relief until I was recommended a physiotherapy treatment at ReLiva clinic under Dr. Erum Shaikh. She gave me treatments and exercises which were extremely helpful. I recommend ReLiva clinic and Dr. Erum Shaikh for any kind of treatment related to physiotherapy because you should simply go to a place where your betterment matters.

Rehana Shaikh

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Name Contact Email Message: I authorize ReLiva representative to contact me. I understand that this will override the DND status on my mobile number.