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Patients in Vashi  -  Sector 7, Sector 6, Sector 30, around NMSA ground, Vashi Sector 17, Inorbit Mall, Sector 2, Vashi Gaon, around Vashi Toll Naka and those near Vashi Railway Station can now avail comprehensive physiotherapy care from ReLiva physiotherapists at its center within Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi.  (This clinic in Vashi sector 7, near Vashi Toll Naka runs in partnership with Sterling Wockhardt Hospital).

ReLiva Vashi Sec 7 clinic  is well equipped with all electro-modalities like TENS, Ultrasound, IFT, Hydro collater, shoulder rotater and many others for therapeutic physiotherapy exercises. Some of the best physiotherapists in Vashi provide physiotherapy treatment for all types of conditions including:

  • Orthopedic rehab for conditions like like Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain etc.
  • Post-operative rehab for surgeries like TKR (knee replacement), Hip replacement, Arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction etc.
  • Neuro rehab for conditions like Stroke, Paralysis recovery, neuralgia, paraplegia etc.
  • Sports injury like tennis elbow, shoulder dislocation, ACL reconstruction etc.
  • Posture related pain in neck, spine issues, tendonitis etc.

Home visits are also provided. (Click to know more about Home Physiotherapy)

Following are the key details for our physiotherapy clinic and the physiotherapists in Vashi, Sector 7:


Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Sector 7
Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone Number
+ 91-99209 91584

Mon-Sat: 8 am to 9 pm
Sunday Closed

Dr. Suveda S. Kothari (PT)

MPT (Cardiovascular & Pulmonary)

With a multi-disciplinary approach, she has ample experience in treating Cardiac, Musculoskeletal and Sports related injuries. She is well trained in Taping, Spine & joint mobilization and certified for life-support by ISECON (AHA based).

Dr. Daisily Mathews (PT)


Dr. Daisily is a very experienced therapist involved with cardio-pulmonary patients as well as those building up muscular fitness. She has worked for rehab in orthopedic and pulmonary conditions too. She is particularly loved by elderly for her skills with geriatric issues.

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I was not able to lift my arm. I was not able to lake my hand back. Dr. Sandeep told me about this clinic. I am able to lift my arm better but not completely after 10 sessions of Physiotherapy. I am able to shampoo my head now. I am able to take out my wallet with less pain now. Yes, I will recommend ReLiva to my family friends.

T. Raghavan

I was having weakness on the left side of the face 25 days back. I started taking physiotherapy treatment at ReLiva Physiotherapy and Rehab. I was having difficulty while drinking water. Even my eye was not closing properly from that day. I started physiotherapy I got almost 95 % of relief. Very thankful to ReLiva Physiotherapists. I got very much confidence due to the recovery.

Manjeet Kaur Deol

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