In-patient Stroke rehabilitation (also called “IPD rehab”) is a multispecialty and cost effective stroke rehabilitation program by ReLiva that helps you recover after a stroke or brain injury, or other event that has significantly impaired your abilities. ReLiva provides therapy, nursing treatment, education and medical treatment along with its hospital partners to help you recover much faster.

In-patient stroke rehab

To completely recover after a stroke, you will need specialized medical services like physiotherapy, skilled nursing care, speech & occupation therapy, personalized diet program and emotional counseling. At inpatient rehabilitation, all of it comes together to take care of you from a multidisciplinary healthcare team.


  • Intensive therapy, at least 3 hours per day, may help the stroke sufferer regain ability to function faster after an event such as stroke or accident.
  • Also, in your early recovery, medical management and nursing care are also important.
  • IPD rehab can be more effective than other alternatives like home health wherein the therapy may not be intensive and without requisite equipment.

When the patient is admitted to In-patient Stroke rehab, the team will help create a discharge plan with the goal of patient returning home. The education and training the patient receives during in-patient rehab will focus on the skills the patient needs, to return to the activities they had enjoyed before.


This program is currently being offered by ReLiva in partnership with Sapphire Hospital at Kalwa, Thane.

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Key Features of In-patient Stroke Rehab

Stroke Rehabilitation: A multidisciplinary approach

My mother had suffered from left paralysis. Her left hand and left leg were severely affected. We contacted Reliva for her treatment. Dr. Shraddha was always on time and we were well informed if there were any changes in schedule. She would spend solid 40-45 minutes with my Mom doing various exercises.

My Mom also started liking her and believing that she could get over the problem soon. The physiotherapist gave her the confidence and within a week she was able to walk with a stick. After few more sessions, she was able to climb stairs and later walk without a stick.

We were pleasantly surprised with the professionalism displayed by Reliva Physiotherapy. Right from scheduling, sending daily emails about the appointment and ease of making payments, it was all very smooth.

Rammurthy Agarwal

My experience with Reliva is the best. As my daughter was suffering from right hemiplegia, she was not able to intitiate movement by her right hand or leg. But now after 5 months, we are seeing the best progress in my child. The treatment and service provided by doctor is the best.

Vrisha Ganage

My mother had stroke and I found Reliva, as the website was satisfactory in terms of patient experiences. After 20 treatment sessions she is is now able to sit without support and even walk supported to the washroom. The doctor is understanding and co-operates well with the mood swings of the patient. She knows what exercises to prescribe in a modified way and hence would strongly recommend Reliva to each and everyone seeking help.

Aruna Devi

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