Stroke Rehab Center in Mumbai

Stroke Rehab Center: Urgent Requirement in Mumbai

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Stroke is the second most cause of death in India and around the world. There have been more than 1.4 million cases of stroke in a year among which around 100,000 to 110,000 case are from Mumbai. Death due to stroke is higher because of both, the changing population exposure to risk factor and not able to afford the high cost of stroke care. Majority of stroke survivors continue to live with disabilities and costs of on-going rehabilitation and long term care are largely undertaken by family members, which impoverish their families.

The major reason for increase in mortality rate post stroke is due to delay in reaching medical care and lack of awareness and financial assistance.

In this fast moving city, people spend more time working due to which there is increase in hypertension cases, the first major risk factor for stroke. Hypertension accounts for 54% of stroke cases, 22.8% stroke cases due to alcoholism and smoking.

"According to the studies there is an increase in early age stroke; Mean age for stroke in Mumbai was < 60 years, 3.8% cases comprises of <45 years of age."

Males are affected more than females. 149/10000 person year stroke cases of men compared to 141/10,000 person year stroke cases of woman. If age standard is considered the stroke cases of men per 10,000 are 162 whereas woman per 10,000 is 141. This ratio states that men are at higher risk than woman.

Looking at the strategic number it is clear that in future there will be more number of stroke cases than the number of stroke unit.

At present Mumbai has only few stroke unit but to beat stroke and improve patient’s quality of live we need more specialized stroke units. For better quality of life people need to be aware of their health and take proper steps for the same. Stroke is not a curse but the result of our poor health.

ReLiva Physiotherapy & Rehab has set up a facility for in-patient stroke rehab to address this urgent need for the hour.


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